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It Actually Fits a Big Guy

I got this for my SO. He has a 52” chest so I didn’t expect this would fit. It does! And he loves how comfortable it is.

Very Comfortable

This is my second product from same seller good job very comfortable and great quality products.

Like it

Like the fact it helps get the back rolls from the vest just wish the belt wasn't so choking other then that i love the product.

Fits and works great!

I am very pleased with my purchase. Not only does it fit well but works well too. I have a very important engagement coming up and need to look my best. I have all the confidence that this garnet will help me achieve that.

Very comfortable to workout and even sleep in!

I was so excited to recieve it at my doorstep and the product was exactly what I was hoping for. The fabric is very soft and comfortable, with 4 rows of adjustable hooks that fits perfectly. While doing my workout the trainer stayed in place and even made my posture better while jogging. I will be recommending this to all of my friends.

Definitely makes you sweat!

I tried this product out as soon as it arrived, I was so excited. I ordered the biggest size available as I am a bigger girl. It was super hard to even get on for the pic. It fit the stomach area alright, but legs not so much for me. BUT I'm giving this 5 stars because it is well made of thick material. It doesnt seem to slip and it will make you sweat like crazy! I do recommend this product to anyone looking to sweat some weight off.


I love this.... i sweat profusely with my walks/ runs/ workouts...

Great Sauna Vest

I’m very very happy with this Sauna vest! I have another vest that is a pullover type and although I really like that one, when you do an intense workout and sweat, it’s not easy at all to remove! This vest zips up and it’s thinner too. I highly recommend this vest!

Very lightweight

This vest is so light it feels like you are not wearing it. No one will notice it if you wear it underneath another shirt. Very light but generates heat to make you sweat. It also has compression to assist with stretching. I got a size large. Recommend getting a size smaller especially if thats where you trying to get to.

Love it!!

When I want to kick my workout to the next level I put on my Julian sauna vest. I was worried that the silver lining would be constructive however I find quite the opposite. The material is soft, flexible, and clings well to my body during both weightlifting and cardio. The vest is well made with double stitching on all the seams and a solid zipper. Often these types of products have an odor like tires and require a few washings, however there was no odor when I opened the package. If you really want to sweat off the fat this provides a great assist. I would recommend checking the sizing chart as the size I required was one size smaller than my normal t-shirt.

It's a sauna in here!

I got an XL which is my normal size in most shirts. This was a bit snugger then I expected, but since I got into help drop some lbs, that's fine with me. It isn't uncomfortable, just tight.

Man, let me tell you the sweating starts within seconds of zipping up. It really holds in the body heat and "reflects" it back at you.

I wouldn't wear this with anything other than black pants or shorts. As the sweat runs downhill you will quickly have wet pants and it's not a good look, lol. This is the perfect accessory to enhance your workout.

Works very well

It fits me well. The material seems to be pretty decent and all the seams are well put together without any problems.
I ran twice with this suit. It works quite well. Makes me sweat!!!

Great for working out

Loved this waist trainer. It was comfortable and breathable when working out. Love how it doesn’t slip or move out of place as you can see in the picture it is well structured. There are also 3 setting of tightness and I sized down but it still fit! Loved this.

Fits well

Fits really well and it doesn’t warp unlike other waste trimmers.


I am always skeptical when I order one of these things because they never fit correctly or they are always rolling up. I am very pleased with this one not only does it not roll up it fits my whole stomach I wore mine all day yesterday.

Great fit

This product is about the same size as boxer briefs in the legs and crotch. The tummy portion is tight and does suck it in. They also feature a strip that keeps your shirt tucked I

This is a must have!

I absolutely love my new high waist compression men's girdle! It makes me look 20 pounds lighter and it is made extremely well. It is very comfortable and makes me look so slim! I love it so much, I am purchasing another and giving a few as Christmas gifts! You will not regret this purchase!

Really good tight fit

Really good tight fit, great for running. I'm over 60 and even though I'm not overweight (5'10" 165 lbs) I do sag and jiggle, making running a bit uncomfortable. This undershirt is super tight and holds my mid section tightly and running feels great.

Excellent Product

Best product ever. I've used it with a t-shirts and shirts and it's great.

Junlan vest

Love it

I would like to exchange for a 2XL. The 3XL is too big

please let me know can I exchange it

I love it

I wear it to the gym every time i go can see the difference already only had it now for 2 weeks.

Very good product

The items are as described.

Excellent product, Great price

This exercise band was just what I needed. I needed to replace a band that was close to breaking, given to me to use at home by a physical therapist. I love the hand grips which my other band didn't have. I would definitely buy this product again and recommend it to friends.

I recommend this sauna suit to loss weight faster

Suna effect is amazing with belly built it will be more effective to be all around the belly