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A 2 in 1 solution!

As you can see in the pictures this compression shirt not only allows you to shape your body, at the same time it helps straighten your posture and flatten your tummy not only by the pressure it adds when you put it on but also by the shaper hasps it has on the sides which provides an extra compression on the stomach.

Fits perfectly

So I got this item pretty fast from what the delivery day said. Anywho I live this product. Since the whole pandemic started I went from 160 pounds to 187. So I have this small gut ,but once I tried this on and put a shirt over it, it's no longer visible. Ive been wearing it to the gym.and it also makes me sweat. Full stars 🤟 thank you.

Sauna wears comfortably and works well.

This sauna suit is comfortable and fits well. The material inside feels good to wear and helps you to sweat. It has pockets and a drawstring on the side to help tighten against your waist. The suit works well to assist in losing weight.

Fits Well

Great product!
Very comfortable and the thickness of the material is just right!
I went for run with it, and the zipper pocket definitely came in hand!

Comfort and efficient

I was hesitant to buy this at first but once I used it I was drenched with sweat. The sauna shirt is actually really comfortable to wear as your being active. I ran with it then did push ups and sit ups and it was comfortable throughout the whole work out. I would highly recommend if trying to lose weight.

Great Quality and Very Functional for its Purpose

I absolutely love this product! It was something that I wanted to try and I have to say, I am quite surprised at the quality of the material and how well it actually works. I highly recommend this product and any of this company's product lines to anyone interested in slimming body wear. This particular boxer slimming shape wear can be used in several different ways. It has nice tight compression and feels like it can be used on many different body types. And you can wear it without anyone really even noticing. Again, I highly recommend this product. It went above and beyond my expectations. Very good quality product.

Best Shorts Ever!!

The shorts fit well and are snug without being too tight. They come well up on my stomach, holding in my stomach and side fat. They have a sturdy double closure system, so i don't have to worry about them rolling down or coming undone. I love them and I'm so glad I made this purchase!!

This will kill love handles

This garment definitely works. The material is thick and holds things where they need to be. As you can see I am not a thin person. Although this does not make me look thin, it definitely makes a difference.

Super stylish, comfortable and very effective!!

I love it! It is stylish and really does the work! I put on the sauna suit early this morning and went out for my daily walk. Approximately 5 minutes later, I started sweating like never before. By the time I got home an hour later, I had needed my husband to peel the top off my body because I was completely sweaty. I am 5'2" and 170 lb and ordered an XL that fits great. I have no doubt this sauna suit will be a great help to shred all the unwelcomed extra pounds :)

5.0 out of 5 stars Much nicer than the stores!! LOVE this suit - does the job!

These are REALLY nice quality compared to the garbage bag ones at the store which are laughable. Firstly I did a workout in these and sweating after 5 minutes of elliptical. Was dripping out the armholes and leg holes buckets and when I came back to my apartment my entire outfit (tank and workout yoga pants underneath - completely soaked like I had been in a sauna or went swimming- seriously soaked so I am LOVING this purchase as in quarantine I miss the saunas because I could really sweat toxins out. Think this is the best purchase Ive made on amazon.

Also wanted to tell everyone I am 5 5' and 150 and got the XLarge in both top and bottom. My XLarge fits me perfect for the top but it depends how tight you want it to fit. I wanted a little room and the sleeves and bottom part ends just where I want. I think starting at XLarge is safe for a medium size. It's like a medium but still has space. The pants are stretchy at the waist and fit my 32 - 35" waste and stretch even wider - I could've gone smaller but I like mine a little baggy -it depends how tight you want them. Mine fit like a basic set of sweatpants on me. I will prob wash these on delicate just in case even though it is a lot more durable than stores I don't want it to tear. And yes I also LOVE the pockets!

Excellent Sauna Suit!

I love this sauna suit! It’s comfortable, warm, and stylish. It’s super light weight but keeps you warm and serves as an excellent windbreaker. I love that I can move around easily and it helps me shed pounds while I workout.

Quality is amazing

Garment is very thin but offers alot on compression shaping and lifting where needed. I did order SIZE UP and glad I did or it would not have Fit . hand washed and threw in washer on a delicate cycle hung dry garment and is still same as when first purchased quality it's up there with my 100+ shape wear s . I love this product and will be buying more you really can't go wrong for the price .

Affordable and efficient

This product is what expected. It fits comfortably and it pressed exactly how I wanted. Highly recommended!

Right support wrong sizing

Sizing is off which made it uncomfortable but overall it does support and lift you in all the right orders. I am a 2x and ordered a 3x and had a hard time pulling it up.

Great structure and fit

It fits really well and I am so happy I followed the advice of others and went with a small. I'm 5ft 165 lbs. It took one other person to help me get it hooked and zipped but once it was on it made me look like an hourglass. The structure, fit and length is great especially the length because I have a short torso. Very comfortable. It has no boning which is great for me as boning can be uncomfortable. I've tried other waist trainers and they never provide that structure while still being able to move without stretching out the fabric. I'm on the 1st hook but as I lose inches I'll be able to go to the 2nd then the 3rd. I'm so excited!!

Quality and true to its description.

I recently received my new Under Bust 'Cincher Waist Trimmer. Order # 114-66191621197050. My daughter first purchased one and loves it. She knew I have back issues from my nursing history, past and present. I use my trainer especially now with working remotely from home. Sitting at a kitchen table, leaning over a laptop is not the best ergonomic situation, especially for somsome with back issues. But, since getting this waist trainer I can honestly say it is the best waist trainer I have ever worn. It's affordable, easy to clean and has quality workmanship.

Waist trainers are supposed to hold in your tummy without being too uncomfortable. I must say your waist trainer not only does that, but it supports my mid and upper back. You really should add back supporter to your description. I am able to wear it a full 8 hrs or more. I wear it zipped and unzipped. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and coworkers.

Item is just as described

The waist trainer is beautiful, very well constructed it has no smell to it, it fits like a glove however to get better results I should’ve sized down to a medium I may be returning it for a smaller size but over all it is amazing and comfortable

Amazing piece!!!

This product delivers everything it says it will!!! It holds you in and makes you sweat...even without the exercise!!!
I only wish I would’ve gone down a size...I’m 5’4” and weigh 220...most of my weight is in my midsection. I ordered this in an X-Large and should’ve gotten a Large. Not fault of the manufacturer...but make sure you pay attention because as you use waist trainers your body does indeed change quickly and you will need a smaller size sooner than you’d think!!!
Thanks for such a great product!!!

Very Comfortable

I love this waist trainer it holds my stomach in and lift my chest up.

Great Fit True to size

The vest feels and looks great. It is definitely true to size and actually gives a little back support as well!

Good quality and works great.

This vest will have you pouring sweat, without the need for creams. It is form fitting and does have the ability to adjust tighter in the belly area with the straps but I would order one size down.

It is well made, good quality and comfortable to wear daily and or at the gym. Since receiving it i've been using it daily and it cleans easily. Throw it in the washer and forget it, dont use a dryer.

Loving the compression.

Love the compression of this garment. It came very quick and I love how it’s easy to use the toilet with it on. The clear rubber lining at the top of the garment makes it say in place. The size chart is very accurate so I suggest following it. You won’t be disappointed with this shapewear. Makes you instantly looks like you dropped a few pounds.

Worked well

I have been using junlan waist trainer more than six months now. This is my second order, this waist trainer helped me in trimming my waist and tummy. I have been using this while I go for jogging, walking and when I do my workouts, it helped me to get back to shape faster. And also it’s so soft that I forget wearing it. This waist trainer goes along with all try of dress, and the open in the bottom is so thoughtful. Overall it’s a worth investing product and I have and would recommend it to all, it’s worth your penny.

A Girls Best Friend!!!!

When I say this the best waist trainer ever, that’s what I mean!!!! I was apprehensive at first because I thought I ordered a size too small but the stretch and ease of putting this on is amazing! It instantly slimmed me and gave a nice hourglass shape. It doesn’t show lines through your clothes which is an absolute plus for me! The strap is a little too big for my liking but it is removable and it actually stays up without the strap. For this price, they are definitely giving a run for they money because who wants to pay that much when this is perfect?! If you’re looking for great quality with a great value, look no further!!

Super Slimming!

I’m so happy with my brand new shapewear! My legs are slimed down, my stomach and sides look smooth and I feel really confident. I have a before and after photo to add and I think they show how well this product really works. My waist is cinched in and I’m feeling so great in the photo where I’m wearing the shapewear. The shapewear has an open crotch design which makes going to the bathroom super easy. I’ve had shapewear with the clip crotch areas and they were always a hassle. I really enjoyed the strong elastic around the top of the shapewear that makes you able to wear it without the straps if you want, but the straps are nice and sturdy if you’re not going to be wearing a strapless dress. All around this is my favorite shapewear and it will be my all time go-to for going out and even daily events.